My Two Reasons for A New Sunday

My Two Reasons for A New Sunday


Becoming a parent changed my perspective in an instant. Decisions took on a larger significance. Life stopped being about the next career move or dinner out in the city. For the first time I considered the world I was leaving my kids. The world they would inherit.

More personally, I wondered about the types of people my two girls would become and considered my role in the process. I quickly realized that I wasn't equipped to be a parent. One might say that caring and loving is enough, and while it's a great start it's insufficient. 

How would I ready them for the journey they were about to embark upon? How could I prepare them for the road ahead? Could they stand up to the challenges of bullying, drugs, and mounting social pressures? I wanted them to have the best chance to live a fulfilling life, be a caring friend, and contribute to society.  As a relative once told me, "kids don't just grow up, they need to be brought up."  

As I reflected on these questions, I realized I didn't really know what mattered to me.   How could I possibly expect my daughter's to know what mattered to our family?   I still had work to do.

So began A New Sunday - letters to my girls on the life well lived.  A pause button on the whirlwind of everyday activity to remind myself and my family about how to orient our lives.  

I've made my share of mistakes, and I won't always get it right, but my sincere hope is that you and your family find these short life lessons useful as well.  We are all, quite literally, in this together.

Welcome to A New Sunday,